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Week 14

Regarding Google analytics, it's got a lot to offer. While the smart tool type things are cool, I would buckle down and laser in on the reporting section. It tells you who's clicking where, when, where you're losing them, what they're engaging with. It makes it easier to problem solve and redo features of your site before losing too many eyes. Having a business means you have to be very flexible when it comes to strategy which is less difficult to do if you keep up with the reporting section.  I think I used either this or a different analytics feature for a blog I ran around 8 years ago. I was obsessed with seeing all the pages people went to and how many people clicked through to other links I had posted, seeing where people were visiting from, how many pages back they read. Kind of like reverse stalking I guess? Anyway, I don't have enough available on my Facebook so I'll be using the brewery's data.  Aztec Brewery's data for November includes a total

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